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    Sustainability meets affordable, timeless style.
    The average person creates around 70kg of clothing waste per year, you can’t deny when you think about that on a national scale it is quite gut-wrenching. With our low prices we aim to maintain a sustainable and affordable fashion house. 
    Vintage is the opposite of fast-fashion, being rare, desirable and tradable. Shopping pre-worn clothing saves textiles from landfill and gives us an ethical way of satisfying that lust for new clothes without succumbing to the throwaway fashion culture.
    As we take full responsibility for our environmental and social impact we are also transitioning to wholly recycled packaging. This means that every part of your parcel from its contents to its shipping label will be recycled and repurposed for a second life.
    So as we all step forward and make the effort to buy less and buy better, you don’t have to think twice about shopping at TVC.