WHAT THE FASHION? Supreme's weirdest moments


WHAT THE FASHION? Supreme's weirdest moments


WHAT THE FASHION? Supreme's weirdest moments


For hypebeasts worldwide, just the blocky, red-and-white italicized name of 'Supreme' is enough to send them into a fashion frenzy. At less than twenty-five years old, it's now worth over a billion (that's nine zeroes!) dollars and has flagship stores worldwide. Along with the omnipresent logo-stamped tees and slouchy sweats, the skateboarding label has churned out accessories weird enough to throw you into a bigspin. Although some of the items may not even seem saleable outside of the Supreme catalogue, in the world of lucrative streetwear swaps and crazy collections anything printed, stamped or etched with those seven letters will sell quicker than your Nan's hot cakes. Here are some of the weirdest things Supreme has put its name to:

Bible Stash Box

Dropping as part of the FW13 (a fancy acronym for fall/winter) collection, Supreme released one of their wildest accessories. It's a 'stash box' to hide any sort of vices, but in the most virtuous of disguises: a Bible. Might cause just a little bit of trouble at your local Church if you forget and try to flick to Psalm 23 – but, hey, it's got a cracking Supreme stamp on the front so all may be absolved.

Skate Tool

This is pretty damn sly. On brand with their skating foundations, it's a pocket tool to tweak any nuts and bolts on your board – but it also doubles as a cheeky pipe. Might have to take up skating for this one to really work...


Don't worry, you've not been smoking out of the skate tool too much – the New York brand really did make and sell bricks. Originally on sale for $30, they were soon reselling up to $1000. Based on the original price plus shipping, one Reddit user calculated that it would cost $4.7m to build a Supreme house – and that's without floors, wiring, insulation (Supreme's next ventures?).

Fire Extinguisher

Never released in the UK due to its sheer weight, Supreme teamed up with Kidde (a US fire safety company) to produce a top of the range fire extinguisher. Perfect to extinguish the flames from your outfit when you are looking absolute FIRE.

Dog Bowl

These bad boys (unlike the good boys they are for) are being flogged for half a grand on eBay. Maybe it's worth it, to let your pupper dine in style and be the waviest woofer in town. And since you probably won't be able to afford any of your own crockery after it, you can gorge on your pasta out of it too.

By The Vintage Clearance